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Community Access Program (CAP)


In an effort to increase access to live performance for underserved people, Outcast offers the Community Access Program which offers free and reduced priced tickets to their shows.


What is it?

At least 10 tickets to every Outcast performance are Pay What You Will. We believe that true accessibility to live theatre means affordable tickets and sometimes affordable means free.


How does it work?

Tickets are first come, first served and are limited to one ticket per title per person. You email us at, tell us which performance you want to attend, and what you want your ticket to cost. We send you a promo code. 


The promo code expires after 48 hours so if you haven’t used it, we’ll give the opportunity to the next person on the list.  However, if your code expired and you still want to see the show, email us again because there might still be CAP tickets available.

You do not need to provide any documentation or explanation, we trust folks want to support the arts monetarily when they can. 


Tickets must be purchased online at least 48 hours prior to the selected performance.  All unused CAP tickets will be released for general sale 48 hours prior to the performance.


You’re a small company that pays artists. Don’t you need every penny?

Sure we do. But accessibility is vital to our work and our mission. If you want to see the show, we want you to see the show!


We know that members of our community believe in accessibility, too. To help offset the cost, Outcast seeks community donors who want to sponsor these tickets. Interested sponsors should email for more information. 

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